This TEDx talk really highlighted something I personally need to focus on going forward. SLEEP! I’ve have too many late nights working and studying where in reality the time was mostly unproductive.

It requires a “leap of faith” to make ourselves go to bed earlier so that we can be more productive tomorrow.

As Dr. Parsley point out, the lack of sleep most of us get not only negatively affects our athletic performance it also impacts us at school, on the job, and how we interact with family and friends.

This video will open your eyes and then make you want to get some rest.

TEDx Reno Video Link

Special thanks to Angelo Coppola of the Latest in Paleo Podcast for bringing this video to my attention.

Salad Ingredients to Consider

salad ingredients

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At the finish line.

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How To Build a Road Bike e-Book

Flo Cycling

You can download this free e-book from the guys at Flo Cycling. This local Las Vegas company specializes in building affordable aero wheels for cycling and triathlon.

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Cheese Puffs

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