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Hi. I’m Dillon.I help people improve their nutrition for better health and performance.I believe that good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicatedand should be supported by scientific evidence.

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Coupon Code for 20% Off Scosche Rhythm+

I’m really excited to try the Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate arm strap and so last night I finally ordered one using a Coupon Code for 20% off. I found 2 separate coupon codes and wanted to share them. I have no idea when these will expire so please post a comment... read more

Quote by Friedrich Nietzche

I made myself healthy again. I discovered life anew, including myself; I tasted all good and even little things as others cannot easily taste them – I turned my will to health, to life, into a philosophy. I thought this was an appropriate quote to start 2015. Happy... read more

Going Into the New Year With Good Habits

Please listen to Smart Passive Income Episode #140 with Hal Elrod. The main topic of the show is the power behind having a morning routine (I’m workout on mine). However, during the interview, he also makes another great point regarding how we tend to slow down... read more

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