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The Guru Dynamic Fit Unit has to be one of the most advanced bike fit systems on the market. One of my personal highlights of Interbike 2012 was watching the 4x Hawaiian Ironman Champion, Chrissie Wellington, get fitted on this system. Dan Emfield, founder of, did the fitting and he's a guy that knows his stuff.

I started to edit this video down to a reasonable 5-10 minute clip, but the full 35 minute clip contained so many great tips I just had to share the whole thing. Even if you are not interested in the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit you will still find this video valuable.

What makes the Guru Bike Fit Special?

As you can see in the video, this is a dynamic and computerized fitting solution. This means that the rider never stops pedaling and the fitter can adjust the hydraulic unit through the computer interface. This allows the rider to really feel the differences between minor adjustments. In addition, bike position settings can be saved allowing you return to the saved position if needed. It reminds me of how I can return the car seat to my optimal driving position after my wife takes it to the grocery store.

Riders can use their own handle bar setup, saddle, and pedals on the Guru Dynamic Fit Unit. At the end of the fitting, the computer system can make bike recommendation based on a full database of bike manufactures or on a limited number of manufacturers based on the bikes available in a specific location.

Tips In this Bike Fit Video

  • The real cause of low back pain while cycling.
  • The difference between fitting a road vs. triathlon bike.
  • See how Chrissie finds the optimal position for power on the bike.
  • Compromises made with any bike fit.
  • Bike saddle considerations.

Should You Get Bike Fitted?

While not everyone has access to a Guru Dynamic Fit Unit, I think everyone should at least get a bike fit from a knowledgeable professional. Just a centimeter or two can make a huge difference during your ride. Knee, back, shoulder, or neck pains can often be alleviated with a proper bike fit.

When I had my bike fitted I found that I need a better saddle position, a shorter stem, and shim under my left cleat. Like most people I have one leg that's a little shorter than the other. I also did better with a more narrow handlebar setup.

After watching this video I've also realized that I may still be a little too stretched out on my bike. Bike fitting are never a “set it and forget it” process as your body is constantly changing and therefore minor adjustments are often necessary.

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