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Interbike isn't just about large manufactures with flashy display booths. You'll also meet some really nice people that have new products to introduce into the market. Such was the case when I met Richard Singer of Left Field Design.

Meet the No-Drip Chain Luber

Rich has create a device called the No-Drip Chain Luber to make it easier for cyclist to maintain their bike chains. You can use this product with any lubricant of your choice as long as it's not too think. The bottle also comes with a sealable cap for travel.

No drips inside my garage sounds like a pretty good idea. While I didn't get to test the product over a period of time, it looks good and makes a lot of sense.

The lubricating pads on the bottle are replaceable and each one should last for about 20 uses. That's a lot considering I only lubricate my bike chain a couple times a year. The No-Drip Chain Luber might encourage me to correctly maintain my bike after each ride.

Cost and Where to Buy

Each bottle comes with 5 pads plus the bottle for about $12-$15. You can also order packs of replaceable pads. Rich also has the option to customize each bottle with your company logo.

This product is launching at Other reviews were recently posted at Mountain Bike Review and Check 'em out.

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