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Adventure racer wearing a GoPro

Update 12-11-12: Photofocus has created a fantastic unboxing and demonstration video for the GoPro Hero3 Black edition.

Today, GoPro announced their GoPro Hero3 cameras with the release of the Hero3 Black, Silver Edition, and White Edition camera. The GoPro cameras were extremely popular at the recent Tough Mudder event I photographed.

What's new about the GoPro Hero3?

  • They made 'em smaller
  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Lens Element
  • Switch to MicroSD cards (probably to accommodate smaller size)
  • Added microphone inputs on all models
  • Black Edition includes 4K video
  • Black Edition includes Wi-Fi remote ($80 if purchased separately)
GoPro Hero 3 Black Camera

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

4K Video Are You Kidding?

I think it's amazing that they can get 4K video out of this tiny device. If you haven't visited the GoPro website be sure to check out their new promo video shot with the Hero3 Black Edition.

However, I wouldn't get too excited about 4K video unless you are a professional videographer. Most computer monitors and streaming services don't yet support 4K resolutions, not to mention the video files would be huge. I doubt most of us (myself included) have the computing power or patience to wait for videos of this size to process.

The 4K video also only outputs at 12-15 frames per seconds meaning the video will be choppy unless you increase the playback speed.

Other Features of the Hero3 Black Edition

I think the Hero3 Black Edition has some other notable features outside the 4K video. For instance the 60 frame per second and 100 frame per second HD video rates allow you to slow down the action for dramatic effect or performance analysis.

The Black Edition allows for very fast bust and continuous capture of still images. You can also capture images while recording video. At $399.00 it sits at the top of the GoPro Product Line.

Silver and White Edition GoPro Cameras

GoPro also has added their Silver Edition ($299.00) and White Edition ($199.00) cameras. With some exceptions, listed below, the Silver Edition Hero3 is similar to the Hero2 and the White Edition is similar to the Hero Original.

New to the Silver Edition Hero3 (as compared to the Hero2)

  • Smaller Size
  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Lens Element
  • 24-54 Frame Per Second Video Modes
  • New Burst Photo Options
  • Protune Video
  • MicroSD Card

New to the White Edition Hero3 (as compared to the Hero Original)

  • Smaller Size
  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Lens Element
  • Wide and Medium Photos
  • Faster Burst Photo Mode (10 photos in 1 second vs. 3 photos in 1 second)
  • 25 Frame Per Second Video Mode
  • Medium Field of View Option at 1080p
  • MicroSD Card
  • 3.5mm Stereo Mic Input

GoPro Comparison Chart

An Even Better Value

I noticed that the GoPro website now offers the previous model, GoPro Hero2, in several sport packages with accessories. You can get the Hero2 and corresponding accessories in your choice of Outdoor Edition, Motorsport Edition, or Surf Edition. The price comes in at $299.00 (even less on Amazon) which was formerly the price of the Hero2 as a standalone product.

GoPro Display Booth

GoPro Man

Gotta Have It

Though I haven't tested one it looks to me like the GoPro line-up has improved. They made their presence known this year at Interbike 2012 with a huge GoPro booth as well as offering cameras for riders to demo at the outdoor day. The only thing I question is the switch to a microSD card which requires an adapter to connect to your computer or tablet. MicroSD and regular SD cost about the same for a 32GB card.

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