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Chronic Shoulder Injuries

Most athletes at a competitive level have endured some sort of injury during their careers. If lucky, the injuries are minor and have little long term impact. However, where can athletes go for help if they have a major or chonic injury? Is there an answer for individuals that need to have a second or third surgy to correct their problems?

Olympic Volleyball Players

USA Olympic volleyball athletes Kerri Walsh-Jenning and Misty May-Treanor turned to Dr. William Schobert of Mission Viejo, California. Both Kerri and Misty had shoulder and knee issues that should have ended their careers and kept them from winning their third Olympic gold in the 2012 London Games.

How Dr. William Schobert Treat Shoulder Injuries

I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Schobet on the phone to talk about how he helps athletes of all levels get back in the game. Dr. Schobert specializes in tough cases meaning that he likes to help individuals that suffer from chronic problems where prior surgical intervention has not resulted in the desired outcome.

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