stack-of-papersBy the end of January most of our New Year's resolutions have become a forgotten item buried on our desk below upcoming tax returns, or lost in some unknown sector of our computer's hard drive.

This year I tried to avoid making resolutions. Instead, I narrowed down my resolution list to just 1 goal in 4 different areas of my life. This includes family, work, personal health, and this blog. Most of the goals won't take a full year, so after each accomplishment I'll start on the next one.

We put a lot of emphasis on January 1st but, if you have a fitness goal or anything you want to accomplish go ahead and start today. Why wait?

You could sum up my resolutions moving forward in one word, focus. As Steve Jobs jobs indicated in this speech, focus is about saying “NO”, but out of that very difficult word comes some great accomplishments.

I doubt anyone has a harder time saying “no” to new request and ideas than myself, but we have to remember that every new item we add to our list means time no longer available for other conquests.

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