dillon_martin_profile_picWelcome to my site.

If you’re looking for good, straightforward infomation then you’ve come to the right place. I’m proud to say that I write based on scientific research.

I write about multiple topics including nutrition, triathlon, healthy habits, heart rate, & fitness.

I have one main goal, purpose, mantra, or whatever we want to call it.

I belive in your future success!

We know that it takes effort to remain healthy amongst all the fast food and modern conveniences. We also have to manage other parts of our life like work, family, kids, and day-to day-responsibilities.

Let’s work together to obtain the best performance that matches our individual goals and have more fun along the way.

Let’s get started.

Hi. I’m Dillon.

In case you don’t me I’m a fitness professional and current student working toward obtaining my registered dietician license.

While I’ve never been a pro-level athlete, or college athlete for that matter, I like to stay competitive and keep myself healthy through a combination of triathlon, strength training, and good nutrition. I want to be the guy that’s still exercising hard and having fun with my family well beyond my 40’s.

Having spent a number of years outside the fitness industry, I miss working directly with clients and sharing science-based fitness information to help people improve their performance and live a more healthy lifestyle.

Quick Facts


  • Texas A&M University – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (the study of movement).


  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Spinning Instructor

Astrological Sign

  • Libra

What makes me angry

  • Over sensationalized headlines about food, supplements, and fitness.

Biggest Mistakes

  • To often comparing myself to others
  • Worrying about what other poeple think

What Else

  • I also enjoy website design, photography, and all my Apple gadgets.
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