The Resolution to Eliminate Resolutions

By the end of January most of our New Year’s resolutions have become a forgotten item buried on our desk below upcoming tax returns, or lost in some unknown sector of our computer’s hard drive. This year I tried to avoid making resolutions. Instead

Discussing Shoulder Injuries with Dr. William Schobert

Most athletes at a competitive level have endured some sort of injury during their careers. If lucky, the injuries are minor and have little long term impact. However, where can athletes go for help if they have a major or chonic injury? Is there an answer for individuals that need to have a second or third surgy to correct their problems?

How to Save Money on KIND Bars

Did you know you can save money on KIND Energy Bars by buying in bulk through their website? I didn’t but my wife discovered this and today we received our first order of 6 boxes (1 case).

My New Garmin 910xt

I'm lovin' my new Garmin 910xt and I see lots of improvements over the previous 310xt which I lost a couple of months back. Full review coming after I've had a little more time with the...

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