List of Mix and Match Healthy Snack Foods

I’m hungry, I want something now! I’m think know there got to be a Tic Tac in my pocket somewhere. Too often we reach for something, anything that’s available, without regard for the quality of food. As a result, we end up snacking on everything from candy and cupcakes to fruit and veggies. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a list of healthy snack foods?

How to Save Money on KIND Bars

Did you know you can save money on KIND Energy Bars by buying in bulk through their website? I didn’t but my wife discovered this and today we received our first order of 6 boxes (1 case).

The Ultimate Smoothie Formula

How about a smoothie formula for making a great drinks every time you pull out the blender. I know there are thousands of great smoothie recipe books, but I usually find myself trying different variations of this formula depending what fruit and veggies we have at home.

Bad Banana, Awesome Oatmeal

An over ripened banana makes a perfect natural sweetener. As bananas ripen the starch in the fruit breaks down increasing it’s sugar content. So while it may be tempting to throw out those black bananas, please don’t. In this case I’ve used an over ripe banana in my

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