Apple Announces New Headphones…I Mean EarPods

I can now retire my worn out and painful Apple headphones. Today Apple announced their new EarPods. These headphones offer a more comfortable design and better sound. I’m hoping these new EarPods will give me some ear comfort when I’m on a 2+ hour run.

12 Triathlon Safety Tips for Ocean Swimming

I don’t consider myself a great ocean swimmer, and therefore I look forward to any opportunity to practice. Our week long summer vacation in Carlsbad California presented such an opportunity and I learned a few safety tips worth mentioning. Announces Their Le Tour 12 Challenge

n conjuction with the 2012 Tour de France, has announced their 2nd annual le Tour 12 Challenge. This gives users of the popular website and mobile apps the opportunity to improve their health and win prizes at the same time. Simply sign up for 1 of 4 distance challenges and then log your rides with between June 30th and July 22nd.

Do We Spend Too Much Time Sitting?

Most of us spend way too much time sitting. We sit when we eat, drive, work, watch TV, relax, and when you add it all up, it amounts to a lot hours everyday.

Today, I’m sharing two expert links that will help explain how our posture and health are affected by sitting.

The Benefits of Listening to Your Body During Exercise

photo by Greg Ralich As you progress in your level of fitness you will become more in tune with your body. This gives you the advantage of knowing: How hard you can push yourself over a given distance or amount of time. You can feel the subtle changes in heart rate as...

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