Take Control of Your Nutrition

I write science based information that helps helps people take control of their nutrition and fitness.

My Approach

I believe that nutrition and fitness education will make a difference in your life provided the information is based on solid scientific evidence, is applicable to your lifestyle, and easy to follow.


Too much of the mainstream nutrition information we read is focused on selling us on a product or someone's personal belief. I provide information that is supported by science-based research.


Nutrition must be incorporated into your lifestyle and carried out on a daily basis. It's not just a 10, 20, or 30 day endeavor after which we fall back into our old habits.

Simple and Practical

No single method will work for everyone as we all have unique needs and challenges. Good nutrition solutions should be simple and practical.

Dillon Martin

Certified Personal Trainer, B.S. in Kinesiology, B.S. in Nutrition Science

“My mission is to teach people to improve their health, to help them exceed their expectations and reach their goals.”

Dillon is able to offer knowledgeable and timely articles on nutrition and fitness. He welcomes the opportunity to guest speak on an number of health related topics at local events. Dillon is currently in his internship phase toward earning his registered dietitian license.

From My Blog

I enjoy writing on a variety of topics including nutrition science, endurance training, nutrigenetics, , supplements, gut microbiome, goal setting, and motivation.

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Good nutrition is not about a fancy new supplement or the latest trendy diet. It all starts with good whole foods.


Enjoy my ever growing gallery of recipes, exercises, and training videos.


High-quality videos


Clean eating recipes and tips


Short workouts with minimal equipment


Proper exercise form and technique


For busy professionals, families, and athletes


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